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  • Trusted & Experienced Operators
    Trusted & Experienced Operators
  • Delivering Safely & Efficiently
    Delivering Safely & Efficiently
  • Experts in Structural Steel Transportation
    Experts in Structural Steel Transportation

Navarone Transport is a specialist trucking company equipped to handle heavy loads and unique oversized objects. Whether you are moving overweight machinery, industrial pipes, construction spans, road building components, boats or vehicles Navarone is your first point of call.

Operating in Melbourne and regional Victoria we primarily service government, construction and manufacturing industries, but can handle nearly any hauling problem.

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Navarone-Stadium-011 adjusted webNavarone Transport moves oversized loads including: -

  • Construction spans
  • Transformers
  • Large cranes
  • Fabricated steel components
  • Large tanks
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Aircraft... and more.